Going Postal by Nathan Millward

Published: 2011 | Pages: 288

Storyline | Nathan Millward had a dream of riding across the world on a motorbike. It wasn’t until he realised he had just 20 days left in Australia before his visa ran out that this dream came calling for him. In a mad panic he decided to take the bull by the horns and ride home to England on a postie bike! This book is Nathan’s diary of his epic adventure.

Thoughts | If you love to travel you have to read this book. I loved his raw and frank honesty that any traveller will really appreciate. This book has adventure, culture and a little love story thrown in. It really gave me itchy feet to do the same thing.

Taking the time out to read
Taking the time out to read

Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson

Published: 2007 | Pages: 349

Storyline | Greg Mortenson, an amateur mountaineer, took on the challenge of climbling Pakistans’ K2 in honour of his sister. Whilst descending from the mountain Mortenson stumbled into a tiny village and was appalled at the sheer poverty. He became propelled to help change their lives by building schools to help them build better lives for themselves, despite war and terrorism.

Thoughts | Three Cups of Tea was a really heart-warming and moving story that had me in tears (and slightly embarrassed crying on the train!). However, I did not realise the controversy surrounding this book until researching to write this post. Mortenson became a well respected humanitarian following this book, receiving vast donations to his charity (even by President Obama). Later, it was revealed that vast portions of the book were indeed fabricated (including the relationships and even schools that were not actually built) and the donations were used to fund his own expenses. So take this book with a pinch of salt, it’s not non-fiction.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

Published: 2012 | Pages: 315

Storyline | Cheryl Strayed was lost. She had lost everything she had in life – her mother, her marriage, herself. With nothing else to lose she decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. A long-distance hike from Mexico to Canada. She had no hiking experience and no money but with sheer will-power she sets out on the track. This book follows her physical and emotional challenges.

Thoughts | I made sure to read this book before watching the movie and trust me, the book is so much better!  Strayed is a real go-getter which makes for a really inspiring read. This book has put the PCT on my bucketlist.

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