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A campers guide to Lake Navarino, Western Australia

November 14, 2016

A campers guide to Lake Navarino, Western Australia

One weekend after an unsuccessful afternoon trying to find The Fawcett 4WD Track we stumbled across a little gem, Lake Navarino in Waroona.  We decided to the camp the night and we are so glad we did.  It is the perfect weekend camping location with bush camping, a lake and 4WDing.

The location

Driving from the town of Waroona along Nanga Brook Road towards Dwellingup, we discovered Waroona Dam and the most beautiful lake. Direct from Perth Lake Navarino is just an hour and a half drive.

The camping area

We paid the $10 per person camping fee at the park office and headed down over the dam wall to find a spot.  There is a dedicated camping area right next to the lake where you are free to drive across the sand or through the forest to find a secluded spot.

The facilities

The only facilities available are portaloos (which are a way better option than the usual drop toilet) and nothing but serene silence.  Across the dam wall are proper facilities including toilets and showers in the dedicated Caravan Park which you can pay an extra fee to use.

Even though we arrived in the late afternoon we were able to find a pretty secluded spot under the trees with a view of the lake.

The activities

There were lots of people happily cooling off and fishing in the lake. Hilariously, there was a sign saying ‘no sharks’, so that’s a bonus!  There were also boats cruising around dragging wake boarders, and jet skis whizzing around on the water.  Looking to the other side of the lake we had a perfect view of a knarly section of 4WD track.  Trucks were screeching up the pretty vertical path, some without success.  It was so entertaining to sit with a beer and just watch everyone with the start of summer excitement.

And as the camp spot faces west over the lake we witnessed a spectacular sunset from the comfort our camp chairs.  The only down side was the midges. There were lots of tiny little flies constantly landing on us or our beer.

Sleepy faces

Sleepy faces

The next day we woke up to the sounds of boats firing up eager for another day of fun.  After a little breakfast it was our turn for some fun.  We packed up and headed out around the lake.  There is a bit of every terrain for 4WDing; sand, boggy mud, forest, boulders and even the lake itself.

It was epic fun even if I was being a big baby. I was having one of the days where I was scared of everything, I was a nervous wreck.  I kept having to jump out the truck to ‘film’ so I didn’t have to do the scary bits!  And of course I flat out refused to go up the hill we were watching people attempt the night before.

I think this amazing little place might take the top spot for my favourite weekend getaway.

A campers guide to Lake Navarino, Western Australia

Are you planning a trip to Lake Navarino, or recently visited? Did you find this guide useful, please comment below.

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