Courtyard in Munich

Germany has always been high up on my list of places to visit.  When I found out my best friend was getting married in Latvia I just knew we had to tie in a few days in Germany on route back to Australia. Luckily for us, Munich was a stopover option between Latvia and Abu Dhabi on route to Perth with Etihad Airways.  We quickly got in contact with our long lost travel buddies Simon and Carina from who live in Bavaria. It had been over a year since we last saw them and we were thrilled when they offered to be our local tour guides.

In just 3 short days Munich blew us away.  When I think of a city I instantly think modern skyscrapers.  Munich does not have one in sight and this is exactly why I fell in love with the place.  Instead, it is lined with beautiful old architecture which makes it absolutely stunning.  There is so much culture and history to take in as you walk around the city.  Here is my guide to visiting Munich.

Where to stay

Like with most cities, accommodation within the city itself is pricey.  We opted to stay just outside of the city and commute in.  We stayed at the Ambassador Park Hotel in Sendling for 58 Euro per night.  The hotel itself was pretty average but was within easy walking distance to a subway link straight into the city.  The train to Central only took around 20 minutes.

Where to explore

City Tour Bus | The best option for exploring is to jump on the City Sightseeing bus.  Within a few hours we toured the city, learnt some of the amazing history and hopped off a couple of times to explore.  Highlights would be the Olympic Stadium (from the 1972 Olympics), the BMW Museum, Parliament House and the English Garden.

On the City Tour Bus
On the City Tour Bus
Exploring the Odeonplatz with The Wombat Chase
Exploring the Odeonplatz with The Wombat Chase

Market | Of course, it wouldn’t be a true German experience without visiting a market.  The best in the city being Viktualienmarkt. The market is filled with fruit and vegetables, fresh bread and of course lots of sausages!

​One Hour Left | It is now tradition with Simon and Carina to partake in a game of escape.  When we travelled together in Perth, we completed all of the escapes at the Fremantle Escape Hunt.  We found one in Munich just outside of the city called One Hour Left.  Getting to the venue was a mission in itself with us having to catch a couple of trains and walk a fair way.  However, it was totally worth it.  The escape itself was amazing.  There were multiple characters in the game and a lot of technology which I loved.  This made the escape pretty complex and we did have to ask for a few clues. ​

One Hour Left escape
One Hour Left escape

How to get around

Similar to London, the best way to get around the city is to jump on the subway.  Munich has great subway links throughout the city and surrounds.  As for usability, I couldn’t really tell you as our lovely tour guides escorted us to where we needed to be.

Munich subway
Munich subway

Where to eat

I don’t think it matters where you eat it’s about what you eat.

Breakfast | On the menu for breakfast is Wiesswurst.  This is a traditional Bavarian white sausauge, along with Senf (a sweet mustard sauce) and a pretzel.  Traditionally, this is served with a glass of Weizenbier, a wheat-beer, but considering this was breakfast we skipped the booze! Definitely an interested one. A little bland and dry for my taste.

Lunch | Lunch is of course is a traditional schnitzel washed down with a wheat-beer. Now we are talking. We learnt a lot about a proper schnitzel vs the English/Australian impostors.

Dinner | Dinner is anything you please.  Munich has a large Italian influence and does great pizza.

We really cannot wait to go back to Germany and explore more.

A guide to visiting Munich

What did you think of my guide to visiting Munich? Are you planning a trip to Munich or have you visited recently? If you enjoyed this post or found it helpful, please leave a comment below.


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