Road to Wander

Welcome old friends and new.

We are so incredibly excited to finally re-launch with our new name.  As you can see we are now officially ‘Road to Wander’.  Yes, we decided to hang up our beloved À la perchoine.

But don’t worry it’s still same ol’ me doing the same ol’ thang.

So why the switch?

Our travel diary has taken on many forms since 2008 … a paper journal, a GetJealous diary, Blogger and then finally we bought our own domain name, À la perchoine, in 2014 when Shaun and I landed in Australia.  It may have seemed like a strange name to most but it meant a lot to us and our island-home Guernsey.

For those that aren’t Guern, à la perchoine is Guernsey-patois for ‘until we meet again’.  The problem is that Guernsey-patois is an all but forgotten language that now only resides in history books. I guess we were not only trying to keep the language alive but also our connection to Guernsey through naming our blog.

Fast forward 3 years, we are still in Australia and still loving every minute of it.  And in all honesty we are never going back to Guernsey.  In fact, we have put our Guernsey house up for sale.  We have realised that our home is on the road, not defined by a location.

As this blog grows it gets harder to keep the name. If I tell people the name of our blog, Instagram or Facebook I get a blank response, followed by ‘what‘ followed by ‘and how do you spell that‘. So it’s time.  Time for a change.  Time to stop hiding behind an unpronounceable name. Time to amp up this blog to everything I ever wanted it to be.

Why Road to Wander?

We have been thinking about new names for a long time.  We have tried all the names under the sun and to be honest all the good dot-coms are taken.  So we have taken our time deciding until something clicked.

These days as we near the end of our 20’s our travel style has changed.  No longer do we rush from place to place to see as much as humanly possible in a 2 day stopover.  We travel slowly, taking it all in and wander.  And much of this wandering is in our beloved home-on-the-road Charlie, our Mitsibishi Delica campervan. And with this, Road to Wander was born.  It just felt right.

What’s next?

Bare with me whilst I convert all of the content over to the new site.  Some of the older blogs will be re-packaged and re-posted … 20 year old Jodie didn’t make a lot of sense in her early blogging days!

There is also tonnes of fresh content coming up as well as new videos over on our YouTube Channel.

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So stay tuned I have a lot to write about and a lot in the pipeline … a long awaited wedding in the forest, becoming an Australian resident, moving to Canada? Who knows … we don’t like to plan too much and we love to keep you on your toes.

Thanks for sticking around it means the world to us.  We love to share our stories with you.  To show you how great this beautiful world is and inspire you to get out there too.  Without you guys this is all pretty pointless.  Just a crazy girl rambling to the internet.

So for the last time I sign out with à la perchoine, Jodie



  1. I’m so looking forward to following this chapter in both your lives,good luck and carry on living the dream x

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