Whales passing Port Beach, Western Australia. Road to Wander

There is a hash tag dedicated to #justanotherdayinWA. This is because Western Australia is an incredible place to be. There is always something to inspire you, surprise you or leave you in complete awe.  Shaun and I had one of these experiences recently.

One Saturday morning we decided to go and grab a coffee and go for a walk along the beach. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

After grabbing a to go coffee from the Fremantle Markets we made our way to Port Beach, North Fremantle.  We parked at North Mole which is essentially a wall between the beach and the port. We would start our walk from here.

Knowing that it was whale season (September) we joked that it would be amazing to see one. Usually they pass in between Perth and Rottnest Island but not close enough to see them from the shore.  Shaun climbed up the rocks to look out across the beach and said ‘there’s one’. I thought he was joking but on this particular day, at this particular moment, not one but two humpback whales were passing just a stones throw away from us! I kid you not. We could see one of them coming up to breathe and submerging back down below the water. We quickly ran back to the van to get the drone up in the air. This is what we saw …

So yeah … #justanotherdayinWA!

If you don’t want to leave it to chance like we did, find a tour with Whale Watch Western Australia.

Have you been lucky enough to see the migrating whales on the west coast?


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