Skydiving Jurien Bay, Western Australia

A few months ago in celebration of one of our friends turning 30 a group of us chipped in and bought him a skydive.  When he invited us on a roadtrip up to Jurien Bay to camp in the sand dunes for the weekend whilst he did his skydive we of course jumped at the chance (no pun intended!). We never turn down a roadtrip.

In the weeks leading up to the trip we had agreed that we wouldn’t do the skydive with him. It was too expensive.  However … after his girlfriend signed up (who is incredibly afraid of heights) we couldn’t be left watching them from the beach.  FOMO!  Big time. (The fear of missing out).  As soon as we arrived in Jurien Bay we hit up Skydive Jurien Bay and luckily they had space for us the following morning.

So this isn’t our first skydive.  A few years ago we made the jump in Taupo, New Zealand and we are constantly reminiscing about it because it is hands down one of the best experiences we ever had. But it was a looooong time ago so we were super excited and equally scared about this one.

Glorious Jurien Bay
Glorious Jurien Bay

The jump

Early morning after a night camping on the beach we packed up and drove down to Jurien Bay.  We parted with $450 each (plus $150 for Shaun’s photos and video, I opted not to have any), signed the safety form, had a safety induction and waited for our turn.  We had about 2 hours before our group was called.  Enough time to grab a coffee and wonder around the Jurien Bay Sunday Markets.

Not a bad view to wake up to
Not a bad view to wake up to

Then finally our turn came. We each got strapped up and jumped in the van down to the beach to watch the previous group majestically falling from the sky and safely landing on the beach.  As soon as the instructor unhooked from their jumper they came over to pair up with us.  Just like that from one jump to the next. What a job!

We all hopped into the van over to the air field and jumped straight onto the plane. At this point adrenaline levels are on another level.

The plane took off and we were all smiling extatically. The view from up there is spectacular and just keeps getting better the higher you climb.  We opted for the 14,000 ft dive meaning a longer free fall.  The higher the better!

Birthday boy was first, then Shaun, Brit and then my turn.

About to jump!
About to jump!

I was willing myself to remain in the present. I recall my last jump was a blur up until the point the parachute was pulled. I really wanted to remember this one, especially because I had opted not to have any photos or videos.

However much you tell yourself not to be scared you cannot hide the fear you get when you sit on the door ledge, feet hanging down.  The fear of impending doom! You about to throw yourself out of a perfectly safe aeroplane.

Sitting on the ledge
Sitting on the ledge

Then before I knew it we pushed off from the plane and started falling. Holy shit. Words cannot describe the feeling of plummeting towards to earth. It’s something you really have to experience for yourself.

Once we had reached terminal velocity at 200 kmph (160 mph) and my instructor had righted us in the correct direction (belly to ground) he gave me a tap on the shoulder which meant I could spread my arms like a bird.


The uninterrupted view was the most incredible I have ever seen.  Red dirt of the outback in the distance, pure white sand of the endless beaches lining the Turquoise Coast, the Pinnacles and miles and miles of Indian Ocean.

Jumping from 14,000 ft gets you a whole minute of free fall.

When it was time to pull the shoot my instructor asked me to do it. Eek I couldn’t believe it. He put the cord in my hand and told me to pull. I yanked it as hard as I could and we jerked upward as the parachute started to unfold. Waaaaaaaa so cool!

Gliding over the Turquoise Coast
Gliding over the Turquoise Coast

We soared around in the air, he even let me steer and glide in circles.

When you are up there it almost feels like time has stopped. You can only hear the wind flying past you and the sound of your own heart beating.

When we got a little closer to land we could even see the camping spot we had the night before on Sandy Cape.  We gracefully swooped in along the beach and dipped our feet into the sand. Ah just soooo cool!

My body was filled with adrenaline urging me to do another jump straight away.  We walked off along the beach and that’s it.  14,000 feet done.  Then off to the pub for a free beer to celebrate the fact that we didn’t die! Thanks Skydive Jurien Bay!

I would highly recommend Skydive Jurien Bay.  I cannot wait to do it again! Only next time I’m hoping to have my mum and dad in tow!

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    1. We are planning to do the skydive over Rottnest Island a few days before the wedding with all the parents! You should join us! x x

  1. Hey mate, James from Skydive Jurien Bay here. Fantastic blog!!!! Thank you. Can you just add a link to our website in the blog? Much appreciated!

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